Who is LovelyeSpirit ?
Have LovelyeSpirit.comyou ever met some one and just felt a good feeling from them. You didn’t even know them but you have a feeling of comfort, confidence, joy and a sense of authenticity¬†from this person. You feel like you could tell this person anything and they would not judge you, would not make you doubt yourself or question your worth but they made want to love you. This is what we call a LovelyeSpirit. is an online website to inspire women to find that Spirit within them to love themselves and love others. Here you will find stories of inspiration, faith and love. You will get tips on how to bring out the inner beauty in you through beauty. You will find great ways to live life to the fullest through our lifestyle features. You will find the soundtrack of how you are feeling at every moment through our music review and channels.

The source of is love and what is love you might ask. Love is God, he the source of LovelyeSpirit he is the reason of LovelyeSpirit. Our purpose is to help women find who they are and giving them to tools to enjoy who they are.

The goal is to teach women the LovelyeSpirit virtues.

Love who you are
Love what you do
Love how you Love others

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