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We Did All this for Beyonce: Get in Formation

We Did All this for Beyonce: Get in Formation

Queen Bey gives me life! Simply put. She is one of the best performers of my generation. I have been going to see Beyonce since she was in Destiny’s Child when they were headlining the MTV TRL tour and we were putting on our “happy face.” I’m not bored yet. I bought my “Formation Tour” tickets nice and early because I just love to see artistry at its finest and I wanted good seats. All we heard was “Formation,” but I already knew once she announced the tour that I was going to be in the building. Except we weren’t going to be in the building. Beyonce decided she was going to do all her shows in football stadiums, just like the “On the Run“ Tour. I also knew that she was going to drop an album right before the tour started. I was sure that she was not going to go on tour without new material, so I anxiously awaited.

I3 We did all this for Beyonce : Get in Formation   I predicted she was going to drop the album the night before the first show. I was only off by a couple of days. However, the album was not what I expected. We all had our suspicions that Jay-Z cheated on her when Solange went off in that elevator, but we had no proof, and none surfaced, until “Lemonade.” The album as a whole is melancholy, yet beautifully written. So, as I’m listening to the album, I’m thinking, how is she going to perform this and give the people what they want, as she always does? All I can say is Hail Queen Bey! She did not disappoint and I’m so glad I got to see it.

I went to the Raleigh, North Carolina show and I was counting down the days on Facebook. I looked at the weather 1 week in advance and saw that it was going to start raining, the Thursday before next Tuesday’s show, however it was supposed to stop the day of the show. When I woke up Thursday morning and saw that it was sunny, I instantly knew we were in trouble. The updated forecast had it raining the day of the show. I was praying to the Lord, please don’t let it rain on my B-day parade, but Tuesday came and He didn’t hear me. It rained that morning but actually cleared up and turned out to be a great day. Then evening came. The torrential downpour occurred. The forecast had a storm warning until 9:00pm. I was still hopeful, but despite that, I had already prepared to watch Beyonce in the rain. I knew it was going to get to the lower 60s, so I had on jeans, knee-high boots, a cute sweatshirt that had “So over it” written on it, which I felt fit the tone of Beyoncé’s album, and I bought a cute fedora type-hat and Guess raincoat earlier in the day. My sister and I still wanted to be even more prepared for the rain, so right before the show, we went to Walmart and looked for ponchos. We could tell who was going to the show because there were a bunch of people all in the camping section and we were looking for the same thing. Once we located the ponchos, we pointed everyone in the right direction and then proceeded to buy stadium seats because we were all too familiar with Carter-Finley’s uncomfortable stadium. The “Aggie-Eagle Classic” back in the day prepared us for that. We also knew we couldn’t have umbrellas, hence the ponchos.


Driving to the show was interesting because Raleigh’s surrounding roads are not designed for 40,000 people trying to get to that one stadium at the same time. We were listening to the radio because we wanted to hear all the updates for the show and because of the rain, the gates didn’t open on time and the show was delayed a bit. Thank God because we were stuck in traffic. When we heard DJ Khaled on the radio at 7:30, which was originally his show time, we knew we had time because he hadn’t even gotten on stage yet. Traffic was stopped and we were going nowhere, so we pulled off the street and went another way to get closer to the stadium. Once we were a mile and a half away, my sister, who is pregnant, decided we were going to walk and not worry about trying to park in the stadium’s designated parking. Her idea, not mine. So we got in there and I had time to get my Beyonce poster, which is being matted and framed now to put on my wall, and we proceeded to what we thought were our seats. We were sitting there about 15 minutes, then the show starts.

So you know how in the movie theater when the show starts, they do the whole thing where they play a little chord so you can see how good the sound is? Well Beyonce did that, and the crowd went wild. The sound quality was outstanding! I need those speakers for my home theater. So then, she has this huge rotating screen that makes you feel like you can reach out and touch her. We were having a 4K interactive show and I was just amazed and she hadn’t even stepped on stage yet. Then “Formation” dropped, and then people came for their seats, which we thought were our seats, and we realized we were in section 5 instead of 4. So we had to get out of “formation” and slide down the aisle to the next section. I heard “Formation,’ but didn’t see it until we looked at it on YouTube the next day. It would have been great to actually pay attention to it while we were there, but it sounded awesome.

“I’m waiting on Beyonce to be asked to be an honorary Delta) and yes,she has been watching old VHS tapes of Verge fashion shows. Bey did a pivot twist y’all!”

The show itself was AMAZING! Any fears I had about this being a male-bashing, dark and dreary I hate you show, were put to rest. In my mind, I knew she was going to have a good show because she was going to intermingle the old classic stuff, as she always does. But even though I’ve seen how well she puts shows together, she still blew me away. The band was great as always, her singing phenomenal, the outfits spectacular, and the choreography was poetry in motion. She even had some stepping in there (I’m waiting on Beyonce to be asked to be an honorary Delta) and yes, she has been watching old VHS tapes of Verge fashion shows. Bey did a pivot twist y’all!  We did however, get interrupted by the rain. Bummer!

I1 We Did All this for Beyonce: Get in Formation It started drizzling, so my sister and I pulled out our rain jackets. It then began pouring, so we put on the ponchos. Then the lightening came. I forget what song she had just performed, but after she went off stage, for what looked like a costume change, a guy came out and said, “Ladies and gentlemen.” Everyone simultaneously yelled “Nooooooooooooo!!!!!” He proceeded to say that the show was suspended, but that Beyonce wasn’t going to leave. So we had to file out of the stadium, although half the people didn’t and stayed inside. We found our cousin and her friend who happened to be sitting in the row behind us and we all went outside the stadium and stood around talking for over an hour. Then we heard screams from the people that didn’t leave the stadium, and then we all went running back in. After about 20 minutes, the show started up again. Beyonce didn’t leave us! What’s even more surprising is, we didn’t leave her either. I know some people did go home because it was around 11pm at this point, but for the most part, the stadium was still packed.

Beyonce came back out with some fresh weave, looking like she was never in the rain and the show carried on. She thanked us for staying and said that she had the best fans out there, but I wanted to thank her for not forgetting about us and finishing the show. I don’t have the words to describe how pleased I was that she came back for us. It felt personal, like she felt like she owed us. Either way, the performance of “Freedom” in the wade pool she had on the smaller stage was a refreshing performance, and it seemed even more appropriate that she was kicking water around because it started drizzling again. At one point, Beyonce looked so at peace, because she once again alluded to the fact that we were out there in the rain just to see her. Then she looked up at the sky and said, “The rain is beautiful,” like she was enjoying it. I mean, I was okay because I was appropriately dressed, but I really would have liked to not be in the rain. But she embraced it, and even looked at peace. It seemed like, despite all the turmoil that had played out in her life, she was a little kid enjoying playing in the rain. At that moment, I wondered if she was more performing for us, or if she was just really enjoying being able to perform for herself. She says she becomes a different person when she performs, and I thought, maybe performing is what keeps her calm and keeps her from crumbling under the weight of the world. I could have been reading a whole lot more into it than there really was, but for me, that moment was breathtaking. But I must mention how Beyonce and her girls came out there with their high heels on and still slayed the choreography even though the floor was getting wet from the rain. Yeeeeeeeesssssss ladies! She ended the show with fireworks, and despite the rain, I had a spectacular time!

All in all, the show and the events surrounding it were unforgettable. Because the show was interrupted and because the atmosphere was so amazingly hype, I was overjoyed once I found out she was opening up a show in Atlanta in September. Guess who already has tickets? I will be attending with both my sisters this time, and we even convinced my cousin to go again. My cousin, by the way, is not a fanatic like we are, but once she saw the show, she had to give props to Beyonce and she wants to see the show again. She said when Beyonce first came out, she just stood with her mouth open. I have to say, the Beyonce atmosphere is electrifying! So this article was about the Beyonce show experience, but after the Atlanta show, which is in a dome, thank God for Jesus, I will write another article to speak just to the show itself. Next time, I will hopefully be able to give a detailed description of the show itself, barring all setbacks. Stay tuned!

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