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How to Wear Pearls in Style

How to Wear Pearls in Style

Women just love to look beautiful. They use various kinds of products to beautify themselves. Right from the early days, women have used jewels made of wood, bones, stones, and metal to beautify themselves. Very few women would say that they do not like jewelry. Women love to adorn themselves to enhance their beauty. Stringing beads, stones, and even precious metals to form necklaces and other jewelry has been in practice from very early days.


How to wear beads in style

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Over recent years one finds that fashion jewelry has undergone a radical change. Earlier conventional jewelry was popular, and the variants were according to the times. Now we see a sea change in the kind of jewelry being worn, as well as the part of the body that it adorns. Jewelry is very much a part of a woman’s life.


Pearls have a classic and timeless beauty to them. Pearl jewelry is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry across the world. They are hard spherical objects produced within the soft tissues of an oyster. Pearl jewelry can be used for any occasion. Pearls are unique, as real pearls are acquired from a living being. The pearls are formed within the shell of the oyster. This natural piece of jewelry adds to the beauty and elegance of any piece. These natural wonders have stood the test of time.

There are various kinds of pearls available on the market, natural as well as cultured. The natural ones are made without any human intervention, while people farm the cultured ones. The natural pearls are very expensive, as it is a long process to acquire the natural ones. Today you find more of the cultured ones on the market for jewelry. Today, more and more people have taken to wearing pearl jewelry, as gold and other precious metals have become very expensive.

One of the most classic pieces of jewelry is one made with pearls. A pearl necklace or pearl earrings can be paired with any outfit to give the wearer a very elegant look. Pearls lend a classic and elegant touch to any kind of attire. Pearls enhance any kind of dress. There is romance attached to these simple pearls. Whether for workplace jewelry or some important occasion, pearls make the perfect jewelry statement. Though these pearls have a casual air about them, they are sure to add a classy look.

Pearls are the most adaptable kind of jewelry. They work very well with any kind of clothing and style. Pearl length and size add to the look and vary by a woman’s age.

The Pearl Collar

Pearl collars are usually 12-13 inches long and made with two to three strands. They are worn on the middle of the neck. Off shoulder dresses, plunging necklines, V-necks, boat necks, and spaghetti strap dresses are enhanced by these pearls.

The Pearl Choker

These come 14-16 inches long and complement all kinds of necklines. This is the most versatile kind of pearl neckpiece. It offers the most easy to wear style.

The Princess Pearl Necklace

These strands of pearls are from 17-20 inches long. Crew and high necklines look very elegant with this kind of pearl neckpiece. It also goes well with plunging necklines.

The Opera Necklace

These long strands run between 26-36 inches. They come in single strands of two strands. They are usually accessorized with evening wear. They can also be knotted to give a vintage and elegant look.

Pearls with Gems

Pearls are sometimes paired with various kinds of gems to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Diamonds are best paired with pearls for that stylish and elegant look. Today, cultured pearls also come in various kinds of colors. Whatever the kind of pearls, they evoke style and confidence.

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