Ask the Doctor
Ask the Doctor Ask the DoctorTo add to the already wonderful LovelyeSpirit experience, we want to try something new. As an emergency physician, I feel a calling on my life to help others, so I figured I would use my sister’s platform to reach a broader audience. I am often asked medical questions by my friends and family, so I thought I would do the same for the general public. Once a month, I will be focusing on a question or a medical topic that I feel is important for people to have some knowledge about so people that may not regularly go to a physician can get their questions answered and learn how to better maintain their health. Here’s where you as the readers come in. You can email, tweet, or Facebook  and leave a comment on the blog, anonymously or with your name, and I will write a response to be featured on the blog. If there are no questions for the month, I will choose a topic I feel is relevant to multiple people.

I am in no way declaring myself as an expert in any field, but I do have 11 years of experience as an emergency physician and all my articles will be based on my clinical experience, training, and Continuing Medical Education. So, here’s my background. I went to medical school at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina and graduated in 2004. I did my residency at what was formerly called Pitt County Memorial Hospital, now named Vidant Health, and finished there in 2007. I am Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. I formerly worked at Lexington Memorial Hospital once out of residency in Lexington, North Carolina. To protect my current work environment, I will not name my present employer or location of employment. However, I am still actively practicing emergency medicine.

Here are my disclaimers. Although I am licensed in the state of North Carolina to practice medicine, the views I express are not necessarily the views of the emergency medicine group I work for, nor the hospital system I work at. The advice I will give is what I would tell my own patients, but my advice is just that and is not meant in any way to substitute for medical care in lieu of actually seeing a physician. I cannot accurately diagnose anything without getting a full history and physical exam. I am only using this platform to promote overall health and wellness and hopefully to answer questions that readers may feel uncomfortable asking a physician face to face.

With that being said, my first official article will be next month. In the meantime send your questions to LovelyeSpirit via email, Facebook, or twitter. If you would like your question to be anonymous, please state that, otherwise your first name may be included in my response. If I do not feel knowledgeable enough to answer your question, I will send you an email stating such and I may be able to offer you assistance in where to get the appropriate answers. So get to emailing, Facebooking, and tweeting so you can “Ask the Doctor!”